Addressing changes in resilience and security over time: Questions for a grassroots discussion

The strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for resilience and security (see #Understand) are likely to change over time. To help keep track of these changes, it is useful to identify appropriate indicators and monitor them over time. For example, as part of its grassroots discussions, your community may wish to identify at least one meaningful indicator for each of the five key “building blocks” of a secure and resilient territory of life (see #Resilience and Security tool). These building blocks are: 

  • the integrity and strength of the custodian community;
  • the connection between the community and its territory;
  • the functioning of the governance institution;
  • the territory’s conservation status; and
  • the livelihoods and wellbeing of the community. 

For each, you may ask:

  • What phenomenon, property or value could we measure or assess that would tell us whether this ‘building block’ is changing for the better (or the worse)?  
  • How could we measure or assess that, in practice?  
  • Who could do that? Is someone willing to keep track of changes? What can others do to help?  
  • At what interval shall we get together again to discuss the changes?

You can download here example indicators of the resilience and security of territories of life, which were developed for use by specific custodian communities. Each community should develop its own indicators, reflecting its own circumstances: Example indicators of ICCA resilience and security (doc) and as pdf.