The ICCA Consortium template to document a territory of life, and other useful tools

The following two tools deserve to be especially highlighted:

The ICCA Consortium template for recording key information about a territory of life

Download the template in Word (to be completed electronically) or PDF (to be completed by hand, e.g. during a grassroots discussion).

This template is not a substitute for other documentation, such as maps, videos, story circles, etc. Rather, it provides a simple place to store key information. This information can be useful for many purposes, including preparing the documentation for national or international databases the community may choose to join (e.g., National ICCA Registry, LandMark database, International ICCA Registry and World Database of Protected Areas, etc.) and describing the territory of life for a variety of initiatives. The template can also be used as a questionnaire to guide one or several grassroots discussions.

Note: The template may be filled in by one or several members of the facilitation team based on the results of several meetings and activities. The completed template should be freely available for the community to access, consult and comment upon.

The Mapeo mapping tool

Mapeo has been specifically developed by Digital Democracy for the documentation and mapping purposes of indigenous and local communities, in close collaboration with indigenous peoples and local organizations in the Amazon. It is an easy-to-use tool that works from cellphones and laptops, without need for internet connection, allowing to map a territory with GPS position points, adding photos and notes through a simple interface. All data remains fully under the control of the community, who can choose whether to share any of their information externally. Mapeo also features functions to facilitate registration in the International ICCA Registry and World Database on Protected Areas.


The ICCA Consortium working group on documenting territories of life  aims to provide up to date information and facilitate knowledge exchange about different tools, methods and resources.