Documenting a territory of life: Questions for a grassroots discussion

These questions can help the community decide whether and how to create additional documentation about its territory of life. 

  • Is information about the territory of life readily available to our community? 
  • Has it been openly shared and discussed?  
  • What formats is the key information in – e.g. maps, lists, pictures, stories, written documents…? 
  • Are there formats that would be particularly useful to our community? For example, should oral information be documented through participatory mapping or video? 
  • Is there information not yet available/documented and that it would be useful to have? 
  • How can this documentation be obtained/created?   
  • What will our community do with the documented information? 
  • How and with whom will documentation be shared?  (See also #Act & Communicate and #Act with Others)
  • Are there concerns or risks from creating or sharing documentation? How can we address these? 
  • Are there new opportunities from creating or sharing documentation? How can we act on these?