Vision & Celebrate

A foundational moment of any self-strengthening process is when the community recognizes itself as the custodian of its territory of life, and collectively commits to maintaining that role into the future. This commitment may look different for different peoples and communities, but it usually centres on the collective capacities and will to govern and manage the relevant territory

Self-recognition as a community custodian is stronger when built upon or along with a shared vision of the future for the territory of life.  Some communities feel that such a vision is implicit in their spiritual beliefs and way of life, but still find it useful to make it explicit. Others may find it useful to generate, or further develop and articulate such a vision.  While agreeing upon a shared vision is far from simple, this goal can be achieved with sensitive facilitation and time to discuss and evaluate options. 

The moment of collective self-recognition of your community may culminate in an event where you will affirm the vision of the desired future, commit to your role as custodians and kindle your enthusiasm and sense of unity. This may require a substantial amount of prior organising, developing elements of shared understandings that may take months or years to grow.

In all cases, if and when your community recognizes itself as custodian of the territory of life and commits to continuing in that role… the moment calls for a celebration or other appropriate event!

Header Photo: © Ashish Kothari