Visioning the desired future of the territory of life: Questions for a grassroots discussion

To develop a collective vision of the desired future for a territory of life and its custodian community, the following questions can be a good starting point:

  • How would our territory of life look if it was fully thriving today (‘the best it could be’)? Let us imagine that in terms of appearance (e.g. landscape, nature, human settlements, roads, presence of the community, apparent behaviour of people…) but also of intrinsic characteristics (e.g. quality of soil, water, air, integrity of ecological functions, presence of biological diversity and cultural diversity, sense of wellbeing…)
  • How would our territory look in the future – e.g. five, ten, and fifty years from now—if it were to be fully thriving then? Again, let us imagine it in terms of both appearance and intrinsic characteristics.

Various participants in the grassroots discussion may describe their desired future for the territory of life differently. If so, the facilitation team could then investigate:

  • Are there common elements among our individual visions?  
  • Can we identify and agree on a set of basic elements of a vision we all share?  
  • Based on such vision, can we re-affirm our role as custodians?

The facilitation team may wish to list the common elements of the collective vision and confirm that everyone agrees with them.